Benjamin Bliss ‘23

The Totally Random Interest Cultivation Society (TRICS) is certainly an exciting environment. Every week, Mr. Simmons and other club members master new skills and continue their quest to world domination. In the meeting I attended, the topic was juggling. Balls were flying as those who knew how to perform this circus act taught other, less experienced students. Juggling is the latest random interest that this club is pursuing, but in previous meetings they have already mastered the Rubik’s Cube. This year, TRICS will learn yo-yo tricks, card magic, card throwing, and how to hacky sack, just to name a few. They also welcome new ideas from all members, so you never know what to expect. Additionally, board games and fun knick-knacks are provided for those who wish to stray from the main lesson and try other activities. Basically, TRICS is a club where members can have fun in their own way, or they can follow the schedule to become a master of all skills. The goal is to cultivate new interests and new friendships in an awesome and positive way. To enjoy a free juggling lesson or just check out this club, visit room M105 after school on Wednesday.