Screenwriting Club

Brendan DiTullio '21

Screenwriting Club is where BC High’s most ambitious and skilled filmmakers gather to create screenplays and transform them into artistic, masterfully-crafted motion pictures. Meeting on Fridays at 7:45 in M111, the club strives to create the art of film. In regular meetings, members will work on their own screenplays while collaborating with others. On what he enjoys about the club, Vice President Richard Clow states “Screenwriting Club provides a space for a diversity of ideas to collaborate on a finished product. I like being able to start from an idea and work hard to turn my thought into a final product to be shared.” These final products are shared at the annual BC High Student Film Festival, which is a new way of celebrating the visual arts at BC High. The first film festival was held last year in May, featuring critically-acclaimed films such as ​“Honor Among Thieves”​, “​Sunset in Paraíso​”, ​“Gone for Good”​, and more. This year’s film festival will be held in March, and it will be bigger and bolder than ever. If you ever find yourself wanting to scratch your creative itch, then Screenwriting Club is the place for you.