Campus Ministry Brings BC High Together

Following the closure of BC High’s campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Campus Ministry decided to host two trivia competitions. The first week’s questions ranged from the topic of BCHigh history to Mr. Lewis’s favorite karaoke song. According to Campus Ministry, well over 300 students participated in the first round. After a very close and competitive round two, Khush Patel ’23 came away with the win. Week two was still a very close call, but Jack Erickson ’21 ultimately came away with the $100 prize. When asked about what he would do with the money, Jack responded saying that he wasn’t sure at the moment, but he would probably save the money, which he chose to receive in the form of an amazon gift card.

However, why did Campus Ministry choose to do a trivia competition? Well, Mr. Huynh responded to this question saying, “It’s weird to not be together on Morrissey Boulevard. These are such strange, unchartered, and hard times for everyone. We just wanted to do something that might help people feel connected. We wanted to remind folks of that sense of community we have at BCHigh. We wanted to give people something to laugh about. We thought BCH Trivia was something lighthearted that everyone could do together and enjoy.” In addition, Campus Ministry and the BC High faculty have put on several other fun competitions including “BC High’s Got Talent” and “Challenge Week.” Although these may be tough times and even though we are not physically together, we can still continue to foster the BCHigh community with fun activities like the ones Campus Ministry has held.