Covid and Choir

once again to sing our hearts out.

Christopher Recupero - Class of 2021, Staff Writer

Practically speaking, COVID-19 has changed the way we do just about everything, and choir is no exception. In years prior, the members of the BC High Concert/Chamber Choir would come hustling into school three, sometimes four, days a week at 7:20 to arrive at rehearsal on time. Now, choir rehearsal only occurs on the weeks when we are in school, and even on those alternating weeks, it takes place only on one or two mornings. As I would arrive at school, sometimes before the sun etched above the horizon, the beautiful harmony of the voices would awaken my mind to the wonders of the day that lay ahead. But now, the morning dwellers of the Commons no longer hear the bellowing of some one-hundred or more male voices singing from Bulger Theater. Now, they will only hear humming, drowned out by the sounds of the piano, as particles the size of 100nm have wreaked havoc upon the world. In lieu of singing our beautiful masterpieces of “Ave Maria,” or “hallelujah,” or “What a Wonderful World,” we find ourselves humming and declaiming a different assortment of pieces that are better designed for our limitations. We are humming pieces such as Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” and Greg Gilpin’s “The Holiday Tango” and declaiming a poem with the title “It’s Up to You.” We hope that as the school year continues, the COVID-19 restrictions will lessen, allowing us once again to sing our hearts out. But for now we keep on humming our foolish hearts onward as we long for the days when we are free to sing.