Where Are They Now?

Mr. Bonner


Zain Khan ‘24, Editor

Many remember the beloved Mr. Brennan Bonner for his prowess in teaching and of course his leadership on the track team. However, as many know, Mr. Bonner moved on last year, leaving the track team in the hands of Mr. Gopen and then Mr. Kirby. So, where is he now, and what is he up to?

What is your name, and what did you do at BC High?

My name is Brennan Bonner and I taught math, science, and computer programming at BC High. I also coached cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track.

Now that you’ve left BC High, where have you gone to work? What is it like?

I currently work at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Washington, DC. There are certainly differences between my current school and BC High. Roosevelt is public, co-ed, and I’m teaching freshmen instead of mostly working with juniors and seniors in my final few years at BC High. Despite that, I’ve been struck by the similarities, and I’m grateful that I found another community with supportive colleagues and thoughtful and curious students.

Why did you end up going to DC?

My wife got a job as a professor at Georgetown. It was a great professional opportunity for her and it allowed us to be closer to family so we moved to Washington, DC in August.

What is your most memorable experience so far at Theodore Roosevelt High School?

I’d say my most memorable experience at my new job to date has been a basketball game against our rival school. The community really shows out for football and basketball games and the atmosphere for this game was amped up due to it being a playoff game. Roosevelt was down for much of the game and managed to string together some big plays at the end to pull out a win.

What’s the best memory you have from your time at BC High?

I’m not sure I could pick a single best memory from my time at BC High. Maybe the 2020 graduation ceremony. We had been remote for the final part of the school year due to the pandemic and the typical ceremonies were postponed. The administration and facilities team put in a ton of thought and effort into making it possible to gather as a community to recognize the senior class. One of the students who graduated was a student I had known since he was in middle school and I drove him into school most days so seeing him get his diploma made it even more special. Overall, my fondest memories of BC High will be of the people. It is a special place and I am thankful that I had the experience of working there. What I miss the most are more mundane things like hanging around after track practice joking with guys on the team and lunches with colleagues in the faculty cafeteria. #bringbackfreechipsforteachers

Finally, many students heard you recently became a father. How has that changed your view and what’s it like?

I did! My wife gave birth to our son, Lucien (Luc for short), on February 22nd. I’ve been on paternity leave since he was born so it will obviously be more challenging once I’m back to work. For the time being I’m enjoying getting to spend time with him and my wife. Luc isn’t doing a ton at this point outside of eating and sleeping. That said, it’s been amazing to see him grow bigger and develop new skills every week. More recently, the weather has been nicer and we’ve been able to get out and go for walks on the mall and check out the cherry blossoms.