New CoCurricular: Saint Lorenzo’s Kitchen

The Patron Saint of Cooking


Aidan Kostas '22, Guest Writer

I decided to start a cooking/baking club because with Covid-19 I knew kids were bored and feeling isolated. I knew I would have to get creative and think outside the box. I enjoy cooking and baking and am pretty good at it, so I thought I could teach others to gain skills and feel confident in the kitchen.
I came up with the name St. Lorenzo’s Kitchen, because St. Lorenzo is the Patron Saint of Cooking. As legend has it, Lorenzo was a deacon in Rome and in charge of the material goods of the church as well as aiding the poor. When he realized he would be arrested like the Pope, Lorenzo gave away all of his money to the poor. The prefect wanted him to bring to the emperor all of the treasures from the church. Lorenzo gathered blind, lame, maimed, leprous, orphaned and widowed persons. He told the prefect that, “These are the treasure of the Church.”
The prefect was so angry that he told Lorenzo that he would have to die. He had a gridiron prepared with coals beneath it, and placed Lorenzo’s body on it. After the suffered for a long time, he made his famous remark, turn me over, I’m done.
St. Lorenzo’s Kitchen meets via Zoom every other Monday. The first week, we had 22 bakers participate. We have covered kitchen safety and made made hot chocolate, toffee, fudgy brownie cookies, caramel popcorn, and soft pretzels. The club is open to everyone. You do not need any experience. Also, if anyone has a recipe they want to share, they can volunteer to lead the club. I am hoping to share more savory recipes and also plan for the club to participate in some type of community service event.
Here are a few photos of finished products: